Test Ticks Relevant Tick Testing by NJ Labs

No one likes the surprise of finding a tick on yourself or your pet, especially after an enjoyable afternoon of hiking, camping, or picnicking – even if it was only in your own backyard! But when you find a tick, it is important to get it tested! Of course, everyone is worried about Lyme Disease, but did you know that there has been a growing presence of other tickborne pathogens ranging from Rickettsiosis (spotted fevers) to Erlichiosis (breathing & blood disorders)? With all these potential tickborne hazards, what should you do? You should:

Be SURE with Test Ticks Testing!

As an FDA, DEA Registered & Inspected, ISO: 17025:2017 Accredited, CGMP certified laboratory, NJ Labs has been testing ticks for over 15 years. However, because different types of tickborne pathogens have been on the rise, we wanted to develop one easy, affordable test option that would give consumers relevant tick testing that includes Lyme − but also will test for the most common tickborne pathogens relevant to your species of tick, according to the CDC (Centers for Disease Control). That is why we developed the Test Ticks relevant test. You can learn more about our test and its affordable pricing here. Get peace-of-mind in knowing that when you choose relevant tick testing, you can be SURE with Test Ticks!

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How To Prevent Tick Bites
Follow these precautions to minimize the risk of being bit by a tick.

 How to Remove a Tick

Learn the proper way to remove a tick if you are bitten

How We Test Ticks
NJ Labs uses a testing method which extracts tick DNA