Put a moist cotton ball in a zip-lock bag with the tick. Drop off the intact tick in the zip-lock bag. If mailing, put the zip-lock bag in a padded envelope. Place your name and address (an address label works as well) on the outside of the zip-locked bag.


Although DNA testing is a highly sensitive technique, the accuracy of the testing may depend on the condition of the tick. For most accurate results, do not break or crush the tick, or allow the tick to dehydrate.


Multiple ticks on the same person can be composited and tested in a single test. Ticks found on different individuals must be tested individually.


Please pay by credit card on this page, or send a check with the tick sample. Please make the check out to “New Jersey Laboratories”. Fill out all fields on the payment form, and under “Note to Seller,” please specify which test you prefer from the options listed on the Testing Panel.

Tick Submission Form (PDF)

Please fill this form out and include it with any ticks that you send. Test results will be emailed to you. We do not provide verbal test results over the phone.

New Jersey Laboratories is currently experiencing a turn-around time of 5 business days. In peak tick season, obtaining test results could take longer.

Testing updates are sent via email and final results are reported in 5 business days. See terms & conditions.