Our TickSURE! relevant tick test includes the following

Did you know that only Deer Ticks carry Lyme Disease? But other species of ticks carry other types of pathogens. The TickSURE! test will properly identify your tick. Then in addition to Lyme (Borrelia burgdorferi), we will also test for the other most common tickborne pathogen groupings relevant to that tick and to which that tick species is known to carry including:

  • Babesiosis (Babesia microti)
  • Tickborne Relapsing Fever (Borrelia miyamotoi)
  • Anaplasmosis (Anaplasma phagocytophilum)
  •  Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (Rickettsia rickettsia)
  • Tularemia (Francisella tularensis)
  • Ehrlichiosis (Ehrlichia spp.)

These are the most common tickborne pathogen groupings that are relevant to known all tick species according to the CDC.

The relevant tick testing that you need is

Only $89.99

Because we believe it is so important to properly safeguard your health from the real risk of the multiple tickborne pathogens that are out there, we wanted to remove price as an obstacle to getting relevant tick testing. You can pay anywhere from $100 to $200 for similar relevant tick testing from other labs but with TickSURE! you’ll pay only $89.99.  Compare us and see! (Note: if you still want to test for all the pathogen groupings regardless of your tick species, call us!)

NEW! Next Time be Prepared With Our TickSURE! Tick Sample Collection Kit! 

Only $9.99!

  • Contains everything you need to remove a tick and send it back to our lab for testing including online registration and prepaid shipping envelope. (NOTE: COST OF TEST NOT INCLUDED).
  • Using our TickSURE! kit to register and send your next tick back to our lab entitles you to discounted TickSURE! relevant tick test price the next time you need a tick tested. 
  • A hassle free way to get a tick tested with easy online registration and prepaid shipping. If you are a frequent hiker, picnicker or camper, our TickSURE! tick sample collection kit is for you! 

*We do not test for STARI nor do we test for other extremely rare tick-borne diseases where there is no accepted method for testing.

**Find multiple ticks on a person or pet at the same time?  No problem!  We will test up to 5 ticks found on the same person or pet for the same price.

NJ Labs is not a medical facility and our tests are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease because our testing is performed on the tick, not the pet or person. You should consult with a doctor or a vet to obtain proper diagnosis and/or treatment. Further, you understand that testing of ticks for potential tick-borne pathogens is a destructive process and that your tick specimen cannot be saved or sent to another lab once testing has been initiated.

** We currently only test for the diseases listed above. **

We accept all major credit cards. We also accept checks. Please make the check out to “New Jersey Laboratories”.

**Please make sure payment is made (Sending in a Check or Paying with Credit Card) before sending your tick in for testing.

New Jersey Laboratories has a no questions asked refund policy which means that you can cancel the test and obtain a full Refund any time before testing has begun on your tick specimen sample, no questions asked. Refunds are not possible after testing has begun on your tick specimen sample because testing of ticks to extract DNA is a destructive process. The tick specimen cannot be saved or sent to another lab once testing has been initiated.

If you choose to drop the tick off in-person at our lab, you can leave the sample to be tested, Monday thru Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM. No testing will be performed unless full payment is made.

Multiple ticks on the same person can be composited and tested in a single test but ticks found on different individuals must be tested individually.

Do not use tape, alcohol, Vaseline or antibiotic ointment to remove the tick. Tweezers work best. Also do not freeze or try to flatten/squeeze the tick.

Pack each tick in a small zip-lock bag packed with a water moistened cotton ball. Please ship the tick in a nice padded envelope.

IMPORTANT! Please put your name and email address (an address label works best) on the outside of a zip-locked bag containing your tick sample.

Then send to the address below:

Test Ticks by NJ Labs
1110 Somerset St
New Brunswick NJ 08901

Test results will be emailed or sent approximately 5-7 days after receipt. We cannot provide verbal results over the phone.